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Here’s a picture set of the full shawl collar cardigan+tweed jacket outfit. I used to feel like the substantial nature of a shawl collar sweater made it incompatible with a notch lapeled jacket, but have since overcome the sense that that was some sort of sartorial peccadillo. 

The jacket is the $30 Vintage Chaps Ralph Lauren mentioned the other day in the post about one of my favorite thrifting spots being blown up. Though $30 is much more than I like to pay for a thrifted jacket, I really loved the fabric, and it is in perfect condition—the pockets were still sewn shut, despite the fact that it’s got to be almost 20 years old. I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for newer Chaps stuff, but this jacket was made in the USA, and features fully canvassed construction. $30 well spent, I think.