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A Cri de Coeur

I’ve not used my blog for this purpose before, but I thought it’d probably be worth a shot, and, in an ideal world, produce a result that would be mutually satisfactory.

Ever since Drake’s came out with this tiger motif pocket square a couple of years ago I’ve not been able to get it out of my head. At retail, it was too expensive for me to justify purchasing. At the time it went on sale, it was still too expensive for me to justify buying. Now, however, I regret that decision. As fate would have it, it’s since been discontinued, but I’ve decided to go on a quest to find one in the navy blue (as seen in the bottom left of the top picture). In truth, I’d probably settle on a different color if necessary—the red one is quite fetching—so don’t hesitate to message me if the one you no longer want isn’t navy blue.

So, now I cast my line: If any readers have a gently used one of the pocket squares pictured above that you’d like to part with at a reasonable price, please send me a message through the message function here on tumblr. And here goes nothing…

Oh, and if I do get some responses, thanks in advance!

—Jason (brokeandbespoke)

(photo credit: Exquisite Trimmings)

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