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Frequent readers of this blog may know that I like belts quite a bit. I don’t own many dress belts, but I am easily intrigued by something a little off-the-beaten-path in the casual belt department. So far, my go-to belts have mostly been from Narragansett Leathers.

I came across this Everlane belt some time ago and filed it away in my memory as a pretty cool looking design, but soon forgot about it. But when I was recently offered $50 credit from Everlane to give some of their products a try, and to write about them if I felt like it, my wife immediately said, “what about that belt from there you really liked?” Needless to say, I ordered it, and a white t-shirt as well.

I quite like the belt, and especially enjoy its rather minimalist look. The belt looks like it only has one hole, which gives it a nice pared down look when you’ve got your shirt tucked in, and also allows one to gain or lose weight without it showing on the belt. The actual adjustable holes are hidden from view on the section of the belt that underlaps (is that a word?? If not, it should be…) with the section that is openly visible.

While this is most certainly not a dress belt I’d personally feel comfortable wearing it with a pretty casual suit, and would definitely wear it with chinos and a sport coat.

The belt itself is made of Italian leather which appears to be of good quality. Certainly not as nice as the American tanned bridle leather on the Narragansett belts, but comparable to any belt you’d find at J. Crew, Club Monaco, etc. The buckle is a nice patinated brass.

As an added bonus, the belt is made in the USA, manufactured as it is in San Francisco. At $40 I think it’s a pretty good price, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a belt that stands out a little from the crowd.

Everlane requires you to sign up to purchase anything, and if you’re not already a member please feel free to use my referral link here.

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