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Mixing Plaids and Prints

I was inspired by this post the other day of some of Fedeli’s F/W ‘13 looks, and thought I’d try to recreate them the best I could given clothes and accessories currently in my wardrobe.

The overall palette is very earthy, with browns and tans grounding the jacket and sweater. But there is a blue overcheck in the jacket that matches—and is brought further out by—the rather bold Scalamandre-esque zebra print on the scarf. This was a look that seemed to me ought to be worn with jeans. Though no shoes are pictured, I’d personally opt for something more on the casual side, a suede chukka, Clarks desert boot, or a chunky looking double-leather-soled brogue.

Jacket: Canali, SF B+S board $40 (iirc)

Sweater: Allen Solly cashmere zip mock neck, T.J. Maxx $50 (circa 2003)

Scarf: Banana Republic Outlet, $23

Jeans: APC New Standard, gift from a friend from a photo shoot 

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