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Estate Sales Can Be a Gold Mine

The thrift shop isn’t the only place where deals can be had. Often times an estate sale will precede a large donation to a thrift, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not checking them out on the regular. Craigslist generally lists estate sales along with yard/garage sales, and many of my favorite wardrobe items have been so procured.

I just picked up these Heschung boots over the weekend at a local estate sale. They came with the original box from Barneys New York with the $655 price tag still on it. The soles show no wear, though the toe box has some slight creasing—perhaps from shopwear, or from the previous owner testing them out around the house before deciding he didn’t want to wear them out. They were priced at $125, but I bargained a bit and we split the difference so I walked out with them for $100. Not cheap by any means, but I think a good deal for boots of this quality.

In any case, Heschung is a storied French company famed for ski boots and other inclement weather footwear, though they do offer some dressier shoes as well. These boots feature a tough-as-nails grained moro leather upper, Norwegian welt construction, rubber soles, and a nice classic double buckle design. The profile of the boot is sleek enough for them to be worn with slightly dressier items, though they are by no means formal. They’ll be excellent boots for those cold and rainy days when I want to layer up under a tweed jacket.

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