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I thrifted some vaguely random—but very nice—things yesterday. Unfortunately, this was at a couple of the ‘pricier’ thrifts around here. But the items were still worth the money I think.

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J. Crew (circa 2009) Military/Field Jacket, $16

Saks Fifth Avenue (knitted in Great Britain) 100% cashmere crewneck saddle shouldered sweater in a beautiful heathered brown/navy, $35. I don’t usually look at sweaters too closely in the thrift shops, but I was immediately drawn to the fact that this was cashmere, and it is in excellent condition with no pilling whatsoever—so I thought it was a pretty safe purchase.

2 Borrelli ties, $8 each. I’m only lukewarm about the orange one, and it may hit ebay some time in the future, but the cashmere/silk brown one with purple and orange stripes is amazing.

Altea of Milano cotton/silk tie, $4. Altea makes some great ties, but their designs are often quite garish for my tastes. I thought this one would make a great Spring/Summer tie.

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