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Vintage Pocket Square

I recently received a very nice message from a reader in which she wrote some complimentary things about my tumblr (which I found flattering), but also linked me to her Etsy shop, Senjiva Studio Haberdashery. I checked it out, and had within seconds bought the pocket square pictured above. I thought it was quite reasonably priced at $14, especially so when you consider not many, if any, other folks will be wearing the same one. Outside of running the Etsy shop (it is, at this time, rather small, but I assume if you check in frequently she’ll be adding to her stock and she seems to have a good eye for tasteful vintage accessories), she works as a designer, costumer, and seamstress as well. 

I was just getting ready to link to another great vintage linen pocket square in her Etsy shop, but couldn’t resist purchasing it for myself…Sorry…In any case, definitely worth a bookmark.

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