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Sneak Peek: Thrifting Pays

If anyone still has misgivings about the benefits of thrifting, I hold up today’s purchase as an example. Today I spent $70, but saved about $6000 over retail prices on two amazing jackets. I think it was probably my greatest thrift of all time.

The items were like new (like for real ‘like new’), are very up to date in their cut and detailing, and they fit me perfectly with no alterations necessary. Though these jackets are of a quality that would have made me bend my general thrifting principle of not buying things that need extra money for alterations.

The one in the first picture is a Brioni (90% wool/10% cashmere) sport coat of fairly recent manufacture replete with double vents, hacking pockets, surgeon’s cuffs, and very lightly padded shoulders. It even had the spare buttons still in a ziploc pouch in the interior chest pocket. It cost $20.

The jacket in the second picture is a gorgeous reddish brown Borrelli (50% cotton/40% virgin wool/10% cashmere) of what appears to be very recent manufacture, with spalla camicia (shirt shoulders), a gorgeous soft rolling 3/2 lapel, patch pockets, double vents, surgeon’s cuffs, and tons of hand work. If it had the hang tags attached I would have believed it was an unworn garment. It cost $50. 

Even if you don’t live in an area where things like Brioni and Borrelli show up often, if ever, in the thrifts, I think you’ll be happily surprised by the things you do find if you look often and hard enough. If nothing else, you’re sure to find some great Brooks Brothers repp ties at pennies on the dollar. And if you get hooked, the thrill of the hunt is exhilarating indeed.

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