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More Thrifting Advice from the BrokeandBespoke Archives…

Here’s another old post about going for the shoes first…

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I hit up my favorite spot after work today and found some great stuff, including the shoes pictured below. I also picked up a nice seersucker shirt for the S/S, and 3 more pocket squares. The show-stealers are these Allen Edmonds Brookwood tasseled loafers though.

They are in excellent condition, and were only $9.

Finding these shoes today made me think of some thrifting advice that may come in handy for those of you who are just beginning to discover the joys of the art of thrifting, and that is this: TRUST NO ONE.

While you are in the thrift shop, with the exception of the employees, everyone is your enemy, if only because you cannot guarantee that they are your friends. Though the shop may be quaint (as was the one where these came from), it is, beneath the thin veneer of civility and charity, like Thunderdome. 

This requires some strategizing; and bearing that in mind, I almost always look at shoes first. Why? Because it’s easy to scan a rack, or two, or three of shoes quickly and determine what is and isn’t going to catch your fancy. Ties take longer to sift through, as do jackets/suits, and shirts. Speed as well as precision are fundamental calculi in the thrift game. If I’d gone straight to the jackets without looking at the shoes today, I might have missed these, because a sworn enemy could have come and snatched them from right under my nose…But since I look at shoes first, I had these in hand within 15 seconds of entering the store.

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