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I too have some readers who fall into this camp. I know one in particular who was going to check Indochino out when they were in NY doing fittings, but am not sure how it ultimately turned out. If they’re unable to accomodate women and transgender folks who dress in ‘masculine’ ways that exceed the narrowly proscribed gender boundaries of our society, then I hope Saint Harridan, and many more companies in their wake, can.


We get a lot of questions from women who want to wear men’s suits, but have a hard time with the fitting. Some women have bodies that work decently with menswear, but the honest truth is that it’s hard to fit a woman’s body into a men’s suit - they’re very differently shaped, and the suit is an unforgiving garment. I usually recommend that women and trans folks with feminine bodies just go custom, but that can obviously be prohibitively expensive.

This cool Kickstarter project, Saint Harridan, aims to change that. Their goal is to produce reasonably-priced suiting, shirts and ties for people with womanly bodies but masculine fashion senses. I’m not aware of any off-the-rack options for these folks, and I think it’d be a big step forward. A pledge of just $540 gets you a suit if they’re produced, and that strikes me as a worthwhile investment. Good luck, Saint Harridan!

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