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Bay Area StyleForum/tumblr Menswear Meetup

Good times were had by all. In attendance were Gus (abitofcolor), Ian (fromsqualortoballer), Bill Charman (who has made a name for himself @ SFx10 and elsewhere…), and Gregory Walton (of Louis Walton fame). I can vouch for the fact that no more are needed for a party…

Passed between greedy paws for #menswear inspection were 1) Greg Walton’s handmade-by-him amazing shell cordovan wallet (if you’re lucky they’ll be available to the masses in the near future), 2) Gus’s newly acquired bespoke Napolisumisura tweed sport coat (replete with special truffle stashing pockets) 3) a couple of vintage Rolex Submariners (Gus’s late-1980s and Bill’s late-1960s) 4) a vintage Omega TV-face watch (Ian’s) 5) Bill’s real-ass faint-worthy John Lobb wingtips. 

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