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Chester Mox: U.S.A. Designed and Crafted

I just received a beautiful wallet in the mail courtesy of the good folks at Chester Mox. Their leather goods are all handcrafted in Southern California using some of the world’s finest leathers from Horween and other famed tanneries across Europe. This wallet is made using Chester Mox’s “Antiqued Italian Calf,” which is, to my knowledge, the same leather Hermes calls Museum Calf.

I’ll be posting a full review with more pics in the near future, but my initial impression is highly favorable. I’ve owned this Chester Mox wallet for almost a year now (which I would gladly pay the full retail price for anyday—a steal at $40), and it’s been my favorite wallet ever…until now.

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    I really love the tan of this leather wallet. - in Liebe, Konrad
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