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Modern Tailor: Consistent and Affordable Online MTM Shirting

I’m certainly not the first menswear blogger to mention the qualities to be found in Modern Tailor’s online MTM (made to measure) shirting business. But until recently I’d never had a shirt made by them before, and was excited by the opportunity to give one a try when it presented itself recently. Unlike some of the newer MTM shirting outfits populating the internet these days, many of which are quite good, Modern Tailor has been a known quantity among StyleForum members and other budget-conscious menswear enthusiasts for many years.

Modern Tailor has a vast array of fabrics to choose your custom shirt’s base from, but many of them are priced quite low to entice first-time customers to give their shirts a try—in fact, you can get a MTM blue cotton oxford cloth shirt for just $19.95.

Modern Tailor offers the widest selection of different customization options I’ve seen online including: 24 different collar styles (I went with a club collar), button material (I chose mother of pearl, and added a button on the back of the collar—a detail I’ve always been fond of); 10 separate cuff options (I went with one button barrel); 5 pocket styles (I went with round cut); monogramming (I opted out); 3 types of plackets (plain please); epaulets (no thanks); 4 back styles—2 types of pleats (side or box) or a plain or darted (I chose plain) back; and 4 shirt bottom options (straight, rounded, cut, and straight cut).

To ensure a proper fit Modern Tailor offers instructions for two different ways of collecting measurements: of your body, or of a shirt that you already have that fits perfectly. I went with the latter option, and they dialed in the fit perfectly. A third option is to mail in a shirt that you know fits perfectly, and I’ve heard that Modern Tailor does an excellent job at recreating your pre-existing shirts. 

The turnaround time for Modern Tailor is quite reasonable, and I believe I had the shirt in hand within 2-3 weeks of placing my order online. For those of you in the market for affordable online MTM shirting, I think it’s definitely worth giving Modern Tailor a shot.

Stick around, I’ll be giving away some 10% discount codes to readers in the near future courtesy of the folks at Modern Tailor

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