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Some time between a year and a year and a half ago, Jesse (If I recall correctly) over at PutThisOn posted about this bag (I tried to find the original post, but was unable to…). I immediately put it in my Amazon wish list, and finally received it yesterday as a birthday gift. 

It’s a very simple heavy duty canvas bag, made by Custom Leathercraft, for the purpose of carrying tools around—hammers, saws, pliers, wrenches, etc. Jesse recommended the larger sized one as a weekender, and I was drawn to this slightly smaller one as a work bag. 

It has a simple pared down look, which I like, and an internal hinged metal frame (similar to a Gladstone bag) for easily keeping the bag wide open when unstrapped to access your stuff. The one I went for is a nice cream colored heavy duty canvas with an orange suede bottom, and natural leather handles and straps. It’s about 20” long, ~16” tall, and about 6.5” wide. So not too big, but not too small either. 

The best part is that it costs $48. Not the cheapest bag available, but not bad considering there are similar bags out there made by ‘designers’ that cost 4 or more times the price.

If you prefer something flashier, Klein Tools also makes one with a pretty cool logo on it. I almost went for the Klein bag, but think I would have felt a little foolish carrying a bag that so boldly advertised its intended usage that was filled with books and a laptop.

Here’s links to my bag, the larger Custom Leathercraft one that PutThisOn recommended as a weekender, and the Klein Tool one on Amazon.

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