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I recently received another pair of Lookmatic sunglasses which I purchased with a coupon from I took a few pictures of them the other day while playing around with my dad’s new camera, and thought I’d turn it into a mini-review.

These frames are the ‘Ricky’ model, and clearly draw on the same classic inspirations that are reflected in the Moscot ‘Lemtosh,’ and many other current frame offerings. Classic, timeless, and yet up-to-date.

The acetate Lookmatic uses is really nice, well polished, and the Rx on every pair I’ve ordered has come with zero errors. This pair of frames has a black acetate exterior and tortoise shell interior. This detail adds a nice touch, especially when the frame is viewed from the side as it is in the second picture. It breaks up the dominant black of the frame quite tastefully with a softer and lighter hue. 

Lookmatic now offers a 3-day shipping guarantee from the time you order your glasses to the time they’re on your face, and they stand behind this guarantee with some of the best customer service in the business.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an affiliate of Lookmatic, and if you want 20% off your purchase, just use the discount code: brokeandbespoke20 when you check out!

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