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So I picked this jacket (which I wore yesterday) up while thrifting back in August. $9. A brand called Alessandro Tellini that I can’t seem to find much information on. They turn up stuff on Yoox occasionally. It’s made in Italy, and has some nice detailing.

I love this jacket—it’s definitely one of my hot weather favorites. It’s an interesting weave of cotton with a nailhead like look, and it’s quite soft to the touch. The fabric has been deeply washed to achieve a worn look, and the jacket is completely unpadded and unlined. It has nice deep blue mother of pearl buttons, surgeon’s cuffs, a nice 3 roll 2 lapel, patch pockets, and double vents. A perfect Spring/Summer jacket.

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    Proof that money doesn’t necessarily buy taste. $9?!!! I wish I had found this.
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    Jason always has the greatest thrifting finds.
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