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Went out and about today. Checked out some stores. Spent more on some neckwear than I ever have before. At J. Crew—two $13 pieces (addt’l 40% off all sale prices): one necktie, and one bow tie…I feel a little ashamed, but the bow tie was a nice all wool black watch. The chances of me coming across that in a thrift shop are pretty slim.

Found these two things. Didn’t get them, but someone will be happy when they do. The Ralph Lauren Purple Label pants were 100% linen and a bright yellow—so bright that the purple label looks blue in the photo. They were my size, but would have needed to be hemmed, and that would have brought them up to $50+, which I am loathe to spend on pants. I thought about buying them to flip, but didn’t want to sit on them until the summer…The “Compare To” prices on Marshall’s/T.J. Maxx tags boggle my mind sometimes by how much they’re off the mark.

The Kiton jacket was crazy. This was the store where I got all those Tricker’s Stows. I think this jacket made its way to the store from the Kiton factory unfinished. There were no buttonholes cut on the body, and there were tailor’s chalk marks where they should be. The sleeves had buttons, but they were super far up, and there were chalk marks for where the sleeves needed to be shortened to. It was a super-soft dark green 100% cashmere herringbone. Size 62 (Italian), so like a U.S. 54. It could probably be flipped on ebay, but I didn’t feel like shelling out the $162 or putting in the effort…but still an extraordinary price for a jacket that probably retails for $6-7K when new and finished properly.  

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