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More spring casual. Brando, Luxire, Red Cotton Denim, The Tie Bar, Allen Edmonds.



More from Monday…

Jacket: Beckett & Robb, top half of a suit in grey VBC flannel (review here).

Shirt: Luxire, ‘True Blue End-on-End’ w/ BBBDC $70

Tie: The Tie Bar, Hunter Green ‘Grenafaux’ $15

Pocket Square: Etro, Etro Outlet $15

Jeans: Red Cotton Denim, c/o RCD

Shoes: Andrew Lock Double Monks, see review here.

The other day…

The other day…

Spring Uniform.

Spring Uniform.

Silk paisley linings and morning light.

Three roll to two.

Three roll to two.

dacuze asked: Hi there. The recent posts about the luxire OCBDs have me seriously considering ordering some for myself. Do you think submitting pictures led to a better product, and if so, how did you actually do that through the luxire website? Additionally, did you input all of your measurements for your shirts or did you rely on their sizing? I really appreciate everything you do with your blog and your taking the time to field my unnecessarily specific question. Best, Dan

Hey Dan,

I hope you don’t mind my answering this publicly, as I’ve received a few other questions asking about ordering from Luxire. If you do, message me and I can take this down.

I’ve always sent photos along with my Luxire orders when I wasn’t just having them duplicate something they’d already made for me, so I can’t speak to the down/upsides of not doing so. The Luxire affiliate thread on StyleForum will be an invaluable resource if you’re wanting more information than a person can reasonably handle about ordering from there (incl. a google spreadsheet of different collars that members have ordered that you can specify by order #). When I ordered my first shirt, I just followed the instructions about how to measure a well-fitting shirt I already owned. For my second order, I tweaked a few measurements based on the shirt they sent me (e.g., increasing the waist, widening the armhole, etc.) and am now very happy with the fit. I may, for my next order, alter a few things by 1/8”-1/4”, but am debating whether or not to mess with what I have now as it’s better fitting than any other shirt I own. 

As for how to submit pictures, there’s a ‘notes’ section you can fill out when you order where you can input very specific instructions (e.g., collar point length, collar band height, tie space, etc.) including links to pictures for inspiration or replication. 

Hope this helps!



Jacket: J. Crew, thrifted $17

Shirt: Luxire MTM OCBD, $69

Jeans: Red Cotton Denim, c/o RCD 

Shoes: Walk-Over Chocolate Suede Derbys, thrifted $17